A Tsunami is a large ocean wave, typically generated by a subsea earthquake, volcanic eruption, undersea landslide, or an ocean impact of a meteorite. It is actually a series of ocean waves caused by the displacement of water by some seismic event, and it can also occur on large bodies of water, like the Great Lakes. This phenomena was observed there in the early 1960’s.

Tsunami is a Japanese word meaning, "Harbor Wave” a misnomer perhaps, but as Japan has recorded 195 Tsunami’s, SHTF America believes they can call it what they want. Storm surges from hurricanes can inundate large areas of low lying land, but these inundations are not of a seismic origin and are not associated with tides, which are caused by the gravitation of the moon.

Aftermath In India 2004

Tsunamis have a small wave height offshore, and are virtually imperceptible if you are on a boat in the ocean. As the energy that generates these waves reaches shallow water it often sucks the water off the beach like a receeding tide to the amazement of onlookers. To the very dangerous amazement of onlookers fascinated by the receeding water and grounded fish.

Oftentimes unsuspecting travelers or visitors to regions plagued by Tsunami's will follow the water out and attempt to catch fish. Bad idea. When the wave reaches shallow water, the immense energy behind the wave pushes the displaced water up and forward over the beach and across the land. Because Tsunami’s are a series of waves, the initial wave is soon followed by additional and usually more powerful waves that continue to push inland until the energy behind the waves has been totally dissipated.

Scientists have discovered that giant Tsunami’s have occurred around the globe in the past caused by giant undersea landslides. This phenomena displaces large volumes of water very quickly and can generate trans-oceanic waves that can wipe out large areas and populations living along the shoreline on the other side of the Atlantic or Pacific. There is evidence, and there are serious concerns, that undersea geologic structures off of Europe or the Canary Islands could create a giant Tsunami that could inundate the East Coast of the United States.