Friday, October 1, 2010

Teotwawki 1967

I, too, dipped in the future, far as human eye could see;
Had a vision of the world, and all the problems that would be.
Saw the States engaged in conflict and it broke my heart to see,
That war had come once more, to the land of brave and free.

F-15 Eagle
Saw the vision of a Europe that was destined not to be;
United under France and to jump to her decrees.
Saw an Asia deep in struggle for a peace that was in vain;
And I knew that those dark war clouds, were soon to bring the rain.

Mobile Missiles
Saw the tempest grow to torrent, and the rain came down in squalls;
Heard the people scream and holler, and at last they were appalled.
Then a raging fire started to consume the all of Earth:
Exactly as it was, when this planet was at birth.

Fire Storm

It encompassed tree and prairie, far as human eye could see;
To the edges of the earth where encountered by the sea.
And the sea with all it's fury, and the fire with it's rage;
Had gathered all the people, and at last had set the stage:

For a peace I saw available, on a mountain, at its top.
And I knew it was attainable, if at once we were to stop.
And above the world wide whisper of the West wind rushing warm,
I heard the beat of tom-tom, and the message as it warned:

Mind your morals, p's and q's and never stray too far;
For I 'll send my Son again, if you'll look but for His star.
Then the Earth will be immortal and as Heaven have its name:
If the people of the Earth, are but for their sins, ashamed.

To the ones who scorn My faith, their fate I will fortell:
I 'll banish them from Earth, to the Yawning Cave of Hell.
I 'll rid them from My Kingdom, there will be no Noah's ark:
To save them from the fires of, the Congress of the Dark.

But the ones who are my faithful, call My Name from bended knee:
Humble heart with hands extended, send their hopes and prayers to Me;
To these My children, blessed friends, alms of praise, I hear you sing:
Inherit My good Earth, and all that brotherhood will bring.

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